When the Wind Blows

Author: James Patterson
Pages: 416
Rating: 4.5/5

Another Patterson book and as usual, it is amazing! Dr. Frannie is a widowed veterinarian and she was married to David who was killed by an unidentified person. After her husband’s death, Frannie lived in her vet clinic and made their house available for rent which was then rented by Kit, an undercover FBI agent. They became quite close after some bickering events. One day when Frannie was in the woods, she accidentally saw a young girl with blonde hair and unexpectedly with a pair of wings. Frannie followed the girl to help her because she looked quite hurt but the girl ran or rather flew and she lost her. After some time, she told Kit about this and together they looked for her and fortunately they found her but they had to use force just to make her join them. They became close and Frannie and Kit learned that Maximum or Max a.k.a. Tinkerbell was an experiment from a so called School. The three of them secretly went to the School and in there they discovered the atrocities involved and at the same time they were also able to save some of Maximum’s winged friends. After some grueling events, it turned out that the standing leader of the School and the unidentified person who killed Frannie’s husband is none other than her bestfriend Gillian and her husband. In the end, the winged kids were returned to their respective biological parents.

Favorite Character: Icarus or Ic for short. Like the rest of his friends, he’s 98% human and 2% avian. What differs him from the others is that he is blind. This is because the School was trying to enhance his night vision but it made him blind instead. He was able to follow his friends through their whistles.

“Happiness is seeing Bear Bluff in your rearview mirror, but you better look damn quick.”