School’s Out – Forever

Author: James Patterson

Pages: 406

Rating: 4/5

It’s the continuation of the The Angel Experiment under the same series. Not too far from the beginning, Fang was deeply wounded from their encounter with Ari’s group. Max decided to bring him to a hospital because they cannot manage by themselves the injury Fang suffered. After examining Fang, the doctor obviously knew that the flock was different. So, he called the FBI then, Max and her flock were held under investigation. After some investigations, the FBI agent whose name is Anne brought the flock to her house to protect them from whatever. She clothed them, fed them, and enrolled them to a school (the normal one). Fang got a girlfirend, Iggy met his biological mom and dad, and Max experienced her first date. Things were getting better and way beyond what the kids imagined when they discovered that Anne is connected with the School. Her relationship with the School was not so simple because it happened that she is the boss of Jeb. And so, the avian kids left the house, went to Florida, played in Disney Land, and discovered more truth about them.

In this installment we get to see Ari better. Though he is bigger to some adults and stronger to most, he is still just a seven year old kid fighting for his father’s attention. He is very depressed because he was always left behind. Ari just wants to be recognized by his dad, be one with the flock, and be loved by Max. With the flow of the story, I’m pretty sure there will be progress in the sotry of Ari in the next books.

Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness. ~James Petterson, School’s Out-Forever