My mom’s colleagues went on a vacation but since my mom had some things to take care of, she wasn’t able to join them and so, we just cooked some baked mussels for her colleagues to bring along and eat. Mussels is good for the health. It is a source of many vitamins and minerals like protein, iron, vitamin C, folate, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamin B.



1. Boil the mussels in water with a bit of salt.




2. Dispose the half of the shell where the mussel is not connected.




3. Prepare the ingredients: mayonnaise, friend minced garlic, pineapple bits, and grated cheese.



4. On top of the mussel put first the mayonnaise, followed by the pineapple, the grated cheese, then the garlic. After topping the ingredients put the mussels in the oven or turbo broiler. Just wait until the cheese melts and its done. Easy as that!