Asset equals Liability plus Owner’s Equity, that’s the core of accounting;

Credit to the left, debit to the right, that’s all what you’ll need in balancing;

C.P.A., that’s what you’ll attain after studying.

Over the course of four years battling grueling nights and lots of crying

Under a college with exaggerated pressure of passing,

No exam is easy hence, leave you trying.

Time comes the board exam will leave you celebrating

Indeed my beloved classmates were the first in congratulating.

“No one’s left behind”, that’s our block’s saying,

Gone that saying I was left behind alright, a path in law is what I’ll be doing.


~I wrote this poem thinking how many months already passed since the day I passed the dreaded licensure exam. I took a very long vacation about six months believing that once I enter law school it will be very difficult for me to find time for myself and for my family. I really want to become a lawyer, that’s a fact, but everytime I remember how my classmates are already earning big bucks, it pains me. Any way I already decided to become a full time student again and eventually a successful lawyer, so just wish me luck.