Most of the time I over protect my things, I don’t like them to have the tendency to be covered with dust, or if it’s paper I don’t want to see any folding, or if it’s my laptop I want it to be dust free and scratch free. Since February of last year, I read books mostly through kindle. Being the slight OC that I am, aside from the kindle cover I also protect my kindle with a kindle bag that I made. I just cut the lower part of an unused jeans (Oh by the way, after I cut the bottom part of the jeans, I used the remaining part as shorts), sewed one of the openings, attached a big old button, and sewed a hook made from cloth. I want my bag plain and simple but you can also add a lot of things to ameliorate its appearance. So here’s how it looks like.

So here’s a closer look on the button that I used. I got it from an old and unused blouse of my mom.
A closer look on the button and the hook I used. As you can see, the hook has sequins and beads on it. I just took the hook from the strap my mom removed from her blouse.