Hi, long time! It has been long since my last post. I’ve been busy these days so just to somehow update my blog, I’ll tell you how law school is so tiring. It’s very time consuming, reading cases, books, commentaries, codes, laws, etc. However, I am surprised because even though it seems like there’s no life in this, I’m quite happy and contented. I look forward in going to school everyday, feeling the coolness of the library while being surrounded by books, experiencing unexplainable nervousness in recitations while praying that whatever the attorney or judge will ask that I know the answer, and studying like there’s no tomorrow. Actually, I was very very scared at first because of the comments I’ve read in forums like ‘being in law school is like a walk in the park…..jurassic park’ and so on. Anyway, I’m going back to my study again. May the odds be on my favor! Wish me luck! For the sake of posting some pictures, here’s a sneak peak on how cluttered my study area is. Oh, for those of you interested in law, cases and others, you may want to check out my new blog:  THE LAW ISCOOL