(From left to right) Tabby, a beagle, and Angit posing for a picture.

Tabby and Angit are the bestest friends ever. They do cunning things together, play in the mud, love to entertain and welcome people, and destroy things together. Tabby is our innocent dog, she doesn’t know when she does something wrong. She’s very happy and wags her tail even if you’re already scolding her. She eats anything and everything. Our garden now is starting to be deforestated, she loves nibbling the leaves of our plants and nipping the grass. Our father, however, had a solution on this, he rubbed chili on our plants until our innocent Tabby stopped doing her hobby.

Angit loves to sleep on top of Tabby. He always does this, maybe he thinks Tabby is his mom. Both of them could be very playful. But since there’s a huge gap on their size, most of the time, it seems like they’re wrestling and Tabby is the bully.

Tabby, Angit, and Poknat

There is our other dog, the brown one. He is supposed to be a mini pincher, his mom and dad are both mini pinchers, but it’s just a surprise how he came so big and not mini anymore. He’s the intelligent but inflexible one. He’s a high jumper though. He could vertically jump more than a meter, it’s height depends on how hungry he is. In the picture above, Tabby hadn’t eaten for four days already. Her ever supportive fans, Angit and Poknat, were checking on her. They were like that, staying on her side the whole day, until she recuperated. Oh Tabby is fine now, she’s back to her old self.