Author: Beth Revis

Pages: 398

Rating: 5/5

The book cover suggests that it is a love story with heavy romance. It’s a trick! It’s more of sci-fi/ mystery/ suspense/ dystopia genre. Sure it has lil bit of romance but it in this first installment of ATU the story focused in developing the whole scenario, describing how the vessel looks like, how people manage to live there, and all the mysteries involved. So basically in this book, a group people live in a ship (a space vehicle) and they are led by Eldest and Elder. They are the future of the human race. This ship is alleged to be flying for at least 250 years already and it is supposed to land in Centauri-Earth (this is another planet not the same as OUR so called earth) for another 50 years. Sleeping in cryo chambers which are hidden in the ship are people who specializes in particular things necessary for people’s survival when they land in the Centauri-Earth. These frozen people in cryo chambers are supposed to stay there for another 50 years. However, one girl was melted by an unknown person (it will be revealed near the end who woke her up) and from there, it all changed everything.

“I never thought about how important the sky was until I didn’t have one.” -Beth Revis, Across the Universe