1. Dakota Johnson had been simulating sex for seven hours straight in Fifty Shades Darker sex scenes.
  2. Johnson has a newfound appreciation for sex toys after starring in Fifty Shades films.
  3. In two of Johnson’s prior movies, “The Social Network” and “The Five Year Engagement”, she has bedroom scenes with Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel, respectively.
  4. The most difficult scene for Johnson in the first movie was when Dornan used a flogger on her.
  5. For Dornan, it was the interview scene.
  6. Sex scenes in the first film make up 20 minutes of the overall 100 minute run time.
  7. Jamie Dornan is NOT interested in S&M!
  8. Dornan and Johnson were more comfortable with intimate scenes in Fifty Shades Darker.
  9. E.L. means Erika Leonard
  10. E.L. James’s original pen name was “Snowqueen’s Icedragon”.
  11. The series started as a FAN FICTION!
  12.  It was inspired by TWILIGHT!
  13. There was an abnormally high ROPE sales in hardware stores during the peak of the Fifty Shades mania.
  14. JK ROWLING has no intention of reading Fifty Shades.
  15. In 2012, E.L. James was one of Time’s most influential people
  16. Jamie Dornan wore a penis pouch while shooting.
  17. Ryan Gosling, Garrett Hedlund, and Robert Pattinson were almost cast as Christian Grey.
  18. Dornan was a member of a band.
  19. He was a former underwear model!
  20. Dornan is married to Amelia Warner.
  21. He is a proud dad to a daughter.
  22. He is a funny guy. “Those people who hold and talk into their phones like they’re talking into a walkie-talkie are holding us back as a species.”
  23. His mother died due to pancraetic cancer when he was 16 years old.
  24. Shailene Woodley, Elizabeth Olsen, Imogen Poots, and Lucy Hale were almost casted as Anastasia Steele.
  25. Johnson landed her role as Anastasia Steele by reading a sexually-explicit monologue from the film “Persona”
  26.  Antonio Banderas is her stepfather.
  27. She is friends with Paris Hilton and Mary Kate Olsen.
  28. Johnson took a flogger and several pairs of underwear from the set of Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)
  29. The movie script for Fifty Shades Darker was written by E.L. James’s husband.
  30. Angelina Jolie declined an offer to direct FSOG