Why are there blank pages at the beginning or end of books?

These blank pages (known as flyleaves) are usually the result of printing techniques. Book pages are printed on large sheets before they are folded and cut. When the book pages do not fully occupy the large sheets, the unoccupied parts become the blank pages.

Is expired poison still poisonous?

It depends on the type of poison. If its chemical component breaks down over time and eventually lose its toxicity then it is not poisonous.

Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of its container?

Because air is needed to cause the water to evaporate to make the glue sticky.There is not enough air inside a closed container.

Do fish drink?

NO! Freshwater fish do not drink but it absorb water through its gills and skin.

YES! Saltwater fish drink because it loses water passively since its environment is saltier.

Why are VEINS BLUE when our blood is RED?

Veins appear blue because when light reaches our body, it is the blue light that is reflected back to our eyes.

Do blind people dream?

Yes! If a person is totally blind from birth, he only has auditory dreams. If he has had a measure of sight, he dreams with that former measure of sight.

Does the size of your head affect your IQ?

NO! IQ is not dependent on the size of one’s brain or head!

What is OK short or?

It comes from the term “oll korrect”. In the 1840’s, words were intentionally mispelled to create a humorous effect.

Why can’t chickens fly?

Chickens cannot fly because its small wings and large flight muscles cannot support its body mass.

Why are bananas berries, but strawberries aren’t?

For a fruit to be considered a BERRY, it must develop from a flower with one ovary. Bananas develop from a flower with one ovary; strawberries do not.

Why are flies attracted to poop?

Flies eat poop! Some flies also lay their eggs in it so that the larvae will grown and feed on it.